7001 | Filmtransfer Bundle incl BMPCC camera, optics + LED-Kit

7001 | Filmtransfer Bundle incl BMPCC camera, optics + LED-Kit

SKU: 7001

Film transfer bundle

everything for film transfer with your own projector (18 fps):

- Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k

- Film transfer optics, similar to lens 5006, but only for Micro 4/3

- LED Kit 4000

- Adapter mount Micro 4/3

- spacer ring


with this set you can easily digitize with your own projector running at 18 fps, flicker free up to 4k!


The bundle consists exclusively of new goods.


There is a fixed connection between the projector and camera through the lens, which can be easily centered through the flexible C-mount ring.

The lens delivers, similar to our optic 5006, an extremely sharp, brilliant image and has a diameter of 28 mm. For larger diameters (e.g. Eumig projectors) you may need to purchase an adapter sleeve (item number 8003).


The film must still be mirrored vertically after shooting.


Simple, contemporary film transfer up to 4k! The "burning" of LUTs into the ProRes file is possible.

Free LUTs are available from FILM-DIGITAL on mail request (info@film-digital.com).


Details about the camera: