Super 8 Digitalisierungsanlage mit Canon-Kamera
1014 | Super 8 Complete kit (Bauer T610) with Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

1014 | Super 8 Complete kit (Bauer T610) with Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

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Projector in refurbished condition / all items except the projector are new


This offer includes:

Studio projector Bauer T610 Stereo, modified for film transfer with 16.66 fps

Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Body (OVP)

LED lamp with regulator for brightness and color temperature (part nr 4001)

Speed fine control, integrated in the brightness panel

DSLR lens (item no. 5006) for film transfer with adapter for Panasonic Lumix GH5

all necessary cables


Photography and filming with the new generation of DSLR cameras sets quality standards that can now also be realized in the transfer of narrow films.

The size of the sensor makes it possible to produce sharp and low-noise films that offer a better contrast range than conventional cameras.


With the help of our high-quality optics for DSLR and film cameras (also mirrorless cameras with large sensor and interchangeable optics), Super 8 projector and camera are firmly connected. The special optics can be used with all sensor sizes such as Micro Four-Thirds, APS-C, full format and Super 35, so you can use it later in combination with another camera.


Our newly developed and improved LED illumination unit with external control panel allows continuous fine and coarse control of brightness. The speed fine control for the projector is integrated in this panel. This is the most sophisticated version of our lighting unit (item no. 4040).


The image must be mirrored after recording using editing software / editor program (e.g. Premiere Pro, Magix deluxe).


The projector was overhauled by a specialist workshop, the speed was modified to 16.66 fps, the drive belts were replaced, the gripper system was checked.


This system includes the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 as body (new).

More technical data about the camera can be found here.


Technical data of the projector:


Film: Super 8 / Single 8 sound and silent films (NO NORMAL 8 / DOUBLE 8)


Spool capacity 240 m (acetate film)

Automatic film threading

Low-noise and film-protecting transport system

height adjustment, framer

Projection forward and backward

Speeds approx. 16.66 fps or 24 fps

Still projection, fast rewind outside the film channel,

Magnetic sound recording and playback: mono and duoplay, STEREO

Low-wear Recovac sound heads

Power switch

length 365 mm (ready for transport) width 235 mm


Empty reel, operating instructions and power cord are included!