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Super 8 Digitalisierungsanlage mit Canon-Kamera
1240 | Super 8 set for your own camera Micro 4/3 or APS-C / Bauer T240

1240 | Super 8 set for your own camera Micro 4/3 or APS-C / Bauer T240


incl. 19% VAT


Projector in refurbished condition / all items except the projector are new

This offer includes:

  • Studio projector Bauer T240 sound, modified for film transfer at 18 fps
  • LED lamp with brightness and color temperature control (item no. 4000)
  • Film transfer optics (item no. 5007) for cameras with Micro 4/3 or APS-C
  • suitable adapter for your camera
  • all necessary cables

With the help of our high-quality optics for photo and film cameras (mirrorless, film or DSLR), the Super 8 projector and camera are firmly connected. The special optics 5007 can be used with the sensor sizes Micro Four- Thirds, APS-C and Super 35. The optics reproduce the image sharply up to the edges; the film grain is imaged. The lens can be easily adjusted using the soft rubber rings and the C-mount ring, so the image can be aligned in the middle of the monitor.


The projector plays 18 fps; You can use it with a camera that has a fully variable shutter (e.g. Panasonic GH5/ GH6, almost all Blackmagic cameras, Canon EOS C-300 or 500) and set it to 1 /54 seconds shutter. We´ve already built in a connection for an external speed controller: if you don´t have a camera with a fully variable shutter, you can purchase a speed controller additionally (120 euros incl. VAT) and work with 1/50 second shutter time.

Our newly developed and improved LED lighting unit with an external control panel allows continuous adjustment of the brightness with a very large range. Under- or overexposed films can be optimized in this way.
Depending on the recording camera, the image must be mirrored after recording using editing software / editing softwares (e.g. Premiere Pro, Magix deluxe).

The projector was overhauled by a specialist workshop, the drive belts were renewed, the gripper system checked.

Projector Specifications:

Film: Super 8 / Single 8 sound and silent films (NOT NORMAL 8 / DOUBLE 8)

Spool capacity 180 m (acetate film)
Automatic film threading
Low-noise and film-friendly transport system
Height adjustment, framer
Speeds 18 or 24 fps (optional 16.66 if controller is purchased)
fast rewind outside the movie channel,

Magnetic sound recording and playback
power switch

Empty spool, operating instructions and power cord are included!


The system works with all cameras that meet the following requirements:

- Sensor size Micro 4/3, APS-C or Super35

- Interchangeable optics

- Video mode with 1/54 shutter (variable shutter). Also 1/50 shutter if a speed fine control is purchased.


    We were the first company to develop optics that are specially optimized for Super 8 / 16 mm film transfer with DSLR cameras, film cameras and smartphone or iPhone cameras.

    Photographing and filming with the new generation of DSLR cameras and film cameras sets quality standards that can now also be realized in the transfer of narrow films. The size of the sensor and the ever-improving functions enable sharp and low-noise films that have a better contrast range than conventional cameras.

    Depending on the camera, the transfer can be made up to 4k, in combination with our special lamp and a projector that has been modified exactly to 16.66 frames per second (e.g. ELMO GS-1200 with quartz control or electronically controlled Bauer projector).

    The optics can be adjusted to various sensor sizes of the cameras using different spacer rings.

    Thanks to a flexible ring, with which the optics can be adjusted laterally, it is even possible to record normal 8 / double 8 films in addition to Super 8 films.
    HD or 4k scanning reproduces the Super 8 film in brilliant quality and can be carried out easily and without great specialist knowledge. Only the horizontal mirroring of the film has to be done after recording with suitable editing software (e.g. Premiere Pro, Magix deluxe ...).



    Our system is compatible with the following cameras
    (if you have another, please ask):

    Canon EOS C-100
    Canon EOS C-300
    Canon EOS C-500 / C-500 Mark II
    Canon EOS 7D / 7D Mark II
    Canon EOS 5D / 5D Mark II / 5D Mark III / 5D Mark IV
    Canon EOS 600D
    Canon EOS 700D
    Canon EOS 750D
    Canon EOS 800D
    Canon EOS 850D
    Canon EOS 80D
    Canon EOS 70D
    Canon EOS R

    Nikon D750
    Nikon D800

    Panasonic GH 2 / GH 3 / GH 4 / GH 5

    Sony Alpha



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